Surviving the genocide of dreams


Charcaol, soft and acrylic on paper
500 x 150 cm

Current ThemeUkumisa insika “ grooming the one that will be the pillar of the family “bread winner” or the one that will be the leader of the nation.

‘’ Ukumisa insika is very personal to myself in a context of mirroring my own socioeconomically battles within the family structure I have been raised under, having been brought up by my mother and Grandmother whom have shared lot of stories to me about the history of the family as Zulus as well as the history of the country we live in from a ‘’traditional elders’’ perspective who have experienced it.

These conversations helped me to position myself within the family landscape as well as externally in the sociopolitical landscape of this country to understand the challenges we are faced with as the youth of today and how to meditate through them in restoring unity and new dreams.